Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress (I Timothy 4:15).

Hitting my first weight-loss milestone underwhelmed me. I lost 25 pounds, 10-percent body weight reduction. Who cares? I still had 91 pounds to go; I’d been there before. Big deal! This time, though, was different.

My FP4H materials challenged me to identify a non-food related reward that I could gift to myself. I settled on treating myself to a luxurious full body massage. During this massage, I relaxed fully and thanked God for the weight loss.

I enjoyed this indulgence so much that I decided I would get a massage each time I hit a 10-pounder goal—one at 228, 218, 208, 198 and so on all the way to 158. As the masseuse kneaded my body, I begged the Lord to continue my physical restoration. I learned to praise my progress with each passing pound. Over the long journey, each massage came to symbolize a glorious reward for keeping to my limits and having “this time” be different.

Be careful if you are focusing only on the weight loss. It is critical to celebrate all our healthy outcomes. I asked my group to share the challenges and changes they made the prior week, no matter how unique. For instance:

  • I tried broccoli for the first time, and I didn’t puke or die… Yay!
  • I walked for five minutes each day instead of zero minutes.
  • I tracked my food for five days this week. Hooray! When it comes to tracking, it’s important to praise, praise, praise.

Ask yourself, “What change happened this week?” Experience God’s blessings as you praise Him for the changes you’ve made in your life. Your changes honor Him. Our Heavenly Father cheers from the sidelines. He’s the proud parent or grandparent when we hit the ball off the T-ball stand for the first time, then continuing to cheer when we make it to first base for the first time, second time and third time. Embrace the change and enjoy His praise from heaven.

When I look back at my weight loss, I averaged 25 pounds a year. If you told me at the beginning that it would take me four years to lose the weight, I’m not sure I would have started. When we are praising God, and thanking him for what he is doing in our life, we are sticking to our guns and battling as we keep going.  When we stop celebrating, we begin listening to the negative voices in our head.  We risk becoming sidetracked and miss the blessing. To be honest, the journey is full of blessing after blessing. The journey itself is a blessing. Once you’ve mastered that fact, you are not just a weight loser but also a true winner. Praise the Lord for the healthy choices you’ve made for HIM.


Helen Baratta……………..…………………

Helen is an author, speaker, coach, group leader, triathlete and nationally certified fitness instructor. She serves as Director of Development for First Place 4 Health. Check out her newest book: Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way–available in the FP4H online store.