Digging Deep

Digging Deep

When I think back over my life and the ways I have grown in my spiritual walk, nothing compares to my growth from studying my Bible. We have many Bible studies in FP4H. I have done them all, some more than once, which is a good practice. Bible study is only one of the spiritual disciplines we practice in FP4H. Prayer, scripture memory and scripture reading are all important. So, you might ask, if I am reading God’s Word, do I really need a bible study? Yes, the value of a bible study is it can help us understand and apply what we are reading in the scripture, particularly in regard to our health and wellness. James 1:22, NLT, says “But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.”

Our newest study by Debbie Behling is titled God My Refuge. You may have done her first study The Joy Adventure, and if so, you know Debbie is an excellent communicator through Bible study.

Debbie Behling joined First Place (the original name for First Place for Health) in 1981 at Houston’s First Baptist Church. She became a leader that very next year. She currently leads a group at Sugar Land Methodist Church in Texas.

Debbie earned a B.A. from Dallas Baptist College in 1977 with a triple major in secondary education, history, and psychology. Her postgraduate degree is a M.Ed. with a focus on educational technology from Northwestern University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Seriously? She is well qualified and we are blessed to have her writing Bible studies for First Place for Health.

Here’s a thought provoking sneak peak from Week One of God My Refuge:

  • How are you currently interacting with God’s Word on a regular basis?
  • What is your favorite part about being involved in God’s Word? Why?
  • What is your greatest challenge with engaging with God’s Word? Why?
  • “God’s Word has been the single thing in my life that has brought the most change and satisfaction. Reading through it every year since I first joined First Place in 1981, memorizing scriptures, and studying it not just a routine for me. God’s Word defines me. The power of the Word brings victory in abundance for the glory of God.”

I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement. Digging deeper into God’s word will change your life forever. Whether you are in a FP4H group or not, we need tools to help us understand and apply The Word of God. Order yours today.

Click here to order God My Refuge.

Vicki Heath

Vicki Heath is the National Director of First Place for Health. Vicki is a certified fitness instructor for the American Council on Exercise, a certified life coach and Wellness Coordinator for her church in Edisto Beach, SC. Vicki is an author of the books Don’t Quit Get Fit, Wellness Journey of a Lifetime and My First Place. She strives to bring others into the Kingdom through health and wellness.