Donna Bennett

Donna Bennett

I am 58 years young and I have to say that each day when I wake up, I thank my heavenly Father.  I am sure there are many people who lost much more weight than me and had harder struggles then mine, but here is my story.

I have always struggled with my weight. I tried many, many diets, but never really lost much nor maintained any weight that was lost. I started in First Place 4 Health about eight years ago. I was totally new in reading the Bible, since I had never before opened it, and it was hard to understand that God would help me with my weight. I always felt that something was missing in my life and longed to find it. Once I started FP4H,  I knew I was missing Christ.

After about three years, the FP4H meeting dissolved. I was so upset, but I never gave up hope and kept checking the website for a group on Long Island.  I must mention that during the time I was away from FP4H, I had breast cancer. I went for surgery and then had chemo and radiation. During that time, I gained about 70 lbs., which then made my total weight about 230 lbs.

After treatment, I managed to lose weight, but it was hard. One day I was checking the website and found a FP4H group at a church about a half hour away on Long Island. I called the number and spoke to a wonderful lady named Margaret. That Sunday I went to the church and a feeling of serenity came over me. The service was wonderful and the women I met—well, they were so warm and welcoming

I started the Bible study and food plan, but then I was hit again with the cancer. It came back this time in my bones. I stopped FP4H for a year while I had radiation, but then I came back and proceeded very hard in working my program. My weight went from 191 to about 142.  I still have cancer, but the weight loss is a gift from God.

Today I realize that my true reward is learning and having a relationship with Jesus. The weight, which was always my main concern, has been replaced with my love for Christ and I have put Him first place in my life. The weight loss is secondary.  I worked the program and followed it the way it is written. My doctors are so happy that I have lost close to 50 lbs.and am now at the goal my doctor wanted for me.

Even though I still have cancer, I am up every morning having coffee with the Lord. One thing I learned in FP4H is to have a quiet time with God, and I now pray.   I walk every morning at least one-half hour. At times I am still in great pain and the Lord is always there to comfort me. My FP4H sisters inspire me. I love them all!  This past autumn I was baptized and became a true child of God.  I am learning every day how to be a Christian.

My FP4H group is starting again and I don’t care if it snows, rains or is sunny, I will be at my FP4H meeting every Sunday after services.  Thank you for hearing my story.