Donna Moore

Donna Moore

Donna lives is Destrehan, Louisiana, a small town about 20 miles outside of New Orleans.   She and her husband, Malcolm are parents to four adult children and have two grandchildren.  She and her husband are active in small groups and sing in the choir at their church.  Her First Place for Health experience began in 1995 at Remount Baptist Church with Vicki Heath as leader.  She reached her goal weight after two sessions and remained in First Place and maintained her goal weight for three years.  Then through various circumstances in her life she “wandered in the desert” for almost twenty years trying to control and manage her weight and her life on her own.

In 2017 when she found herself depressed and weighing almost 200 pounds, she felt God calling out to her and drawing her back to First Place.  She joined a virtual group and in the last four years she has strengthened her walk with Christ and has lost 30 pounds.

She is excited about continuing to put God first as she works toward her goal weight and leads others to find freedom through putting God first in their lives.

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