Double Your Impact, Double Your Good-UPDATE

Double Your Impact, Double Your Good-UPDATE

I am so honored to lead such a generous ministry of people with one goal – Putting Christ First in everything! Early in spring we set a goal of matching a $25,000 donation by August 1. God has been amazingly moving among His people the last few months. He worked in many incredible ways to help us raise funds for our new materials. One group had a huge garage sale where their FP4H group collected and donated items. They were so clever at the sale by not pricing the items. They told people it was a fund raiser and to consider whatever they paid for the item as a donation.  It saved them time and they feel certain people paid more because they knew it was going to a good cause.

Another group hosted a FP4H Fun “5K” fundraiser for their Victory Celebration. All of the class participated in various forms—one walking with a walker inside a gym, others speed walking/running around the church building and one who was on vacaation kayeked for FP4H.  This group raised $1455 through private donations!

Garage sales, fun runs, and personal sacrifice is how God uses his people. Many of you have given sacrificially to this ministry, and why? Because you get it. You know how FP4H is saving lives every day. I thank each of you from the bottom on my heart. We are not closing the door to more donations. Our goal of matching the $25,000 is almost there. We only need $7,000 and we will be there! I am so excited to see that you really cannot outgive God! He has given us new life in Christ, and we gratefully give back.

Pastor Rick Warren says, “Most people fail to realize that money is both a test and trust from God.” And we passed the test! We are going forward with our new materials, one step at a time, and we are going forward by faith!

Love you all!

Vicki Heath