Early Warning System

Early Warning System

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  –Proverbs 4:23

An ominous message flashed on my computer screen. A virus-infected file had been detected trying to enter through my e-mail system. The culprit was disguised in a bogus attachment. The suspect had been captured by my antivirus software and was being held in quarantine. What did I want done with the contaminated file? Without hesitation, I selected the “delete” option—and with a click of the mouse, the enemy had been destroyed.

That brief episode left me wondering, Why can’t I be as diligent when it comes to zapping the pollution that threatens to invade my heart? Why can’t I zap the contaminants that threaten to sneak into my soul and pollute that sacred space where the Holy Spirit dwells? I would like to tell myself it is because I don’t have an early warning system to tell me I’m in danger. But in truth, God has given me a powerful virus shield: His unfailing, inerrant Word. He invites me to hide His Word in my heart so that when enemy invaders try to infiltrate my mind, the warning alarm will sound so that I can quarantine and destroy those infected messages before they spread and destroy.

My computer antivirus program is only effective if I install and run it. The same is true of God’s Word. It won’t work unless we install it in our hearts and minds. But when we do, it’s the greatest protection system possible against the wiles of the evil one.


O Lord, You will never leave me to face my problems alone. You have given me the all-powerful truth of Your Word so that I can keep my heart pure and make it a holy place for You to dwell.

Journal: What virus threatens your sacred heart space, and what Scripture passages can you hide in your heart so that you can resist the devil’s wiles?

Elizabeth Crews
Chula Vista, CA