ears ago when my daughter was no more


Years ago when my daughter was no more than 3 years old, I joined a diet Bible study called 3D- Diet Discipline and Discipleship. I failed miserably. The study was far from adequate, for both my mom and me, and my leader was far from encouraging for me.

This past August (2010) I joined my new church’s First Place 4 Health and have been impressed with the entire “system”. My leader is encouraging and the Bible study is WONDERFUL! I am much more aware of what I eat now, which I need since I’m diabetic.

Tonight I ordered the first book, since it’s the one I need most and was not the one we studied when I joined. God is moving in my life and I need to make sure I keep HIM first.

Thanks so much for encouraging a quitter like me. I tend to start studies and “diets” and then quit a few weeks later. First Place 4 Health has changed that.

May all you be blessed!