Emotional Eating – Uncover the Truth


One of our best-kept secrets in our Member’s Kit is the Emotions and Eating DVD.  Be honest—how many of you have taken the time to watch it?  The next step is Mapping Your Emotional History With Food, found on pages 90-92 in the First Place 4 Health Member’s Guide.  Fear is the most common reason people choose not to watch the DVD and/or map their history with food.    The master deceiver loves to keep us in fear.  Ephesians 6:12 tells us we are in a battle against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Fear is Satan’s friend and he enjoys watching us hold back the freedom we will receive from truth.

Do you or your group need victory over emotional eating?  Losing weight is hard work and keeping it off is even harder.   How many times do we need to lose weight and gain it back before we take a deeper look at why we regain the weight?  Losing seems to indicate we will eventually find the weight in the future.  A group in Wisconsin “releases” their weight, refusing to find the weight later.

One group in Texas, realizing that the holidays evoked many emotions, decided it was the perfect time to do a focused emotional mapping for their holiday session.  They likened the freedom from emotional mapping to the removal of a wood splinter or shard of glass under your fingernail.   You don’t want anyone to touch it but the removal is a great relief.

The group meets for six weeks in November and December. Everyone had to participate in a FP4H twelve-week session to join.  Each week they use one of the six-week holiday studies for their quiet time, with weekly homework exploring and mapping a different season of life.

Each group member makes six commitments:

  • Watch the Emotions and Eating DVD.
  • Attend all six meetings.
  • Map their emotional history with food each week.
  • Share with the group.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Pray for one another.

Session Agenda:

Week One:    Introduction to emotional mapping

Week Two:    Discuss Infancy to school age.

Week Three:  Discuss elementary school years.

Week Four:    Discuss teen years.

Week Five:    Discuss adult years to present time.

Week Six:     Celebrate the success of identifying, exposing, and often-times forgiving.  Plan and prepare how this new information will help you in the coming year.

Session goal: Eradicate the emotional eating stronghold.

Emotional mapping is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Uncovering the why behind our emotional eating provides us with the needed information for future change.   Crisis, daily hunger, anger, boredom, loneliness and end of the day tiredness may lead to poor choices. Most poor choices come from decades of poor habits.   Emotional mapping uncovers the truth and that truth can set us free.  (John 8:32) Once we understand why, we are motivated to learn and practice new healthy habits.  Choose freedom this holiday season.  You deserve the relief.

Helen Baratta,  helen.baratta@fp4h.com