Exercise is a Balancing Act

Exercise is a Balancing Act

Picture someone walking on a high wire in the circus. Our life is like this balancing act, isn’ t it? We are balancing all of the important things that we know we need to do. We need to prioritize time alone with God. We need to take care of our family and household. We need to take time to serve God in our local church and in charity work. And …we need to take care of ourselves so we have the energy to do all the other things! Too often we neglect to take care of our physical health. We put exercise on the bottom of our priority list, and we simply run out of time to do it, especially if it is not our favorite thing to do! We know we should exercise; instead, we just throw our hands up and say I’ ll try again tomorrow. Have you ever been there?

As you start this new year, I encourage you to take a fresh look at prioritizing exercise for your own personal health, to increase your energy, and to assist in your weight loss. Yes, down to the cellular level of your body, exercise is one of the keys to weight loss and maintenance. After all, it is one of the commitments you make in First Place, and it is a commitment that is critical to your success.

How do you balance your exercise program?
Choose a cardio program that appeals to you and a strength and flexibility component to balance it. You need both for a balanced workout. Do you like to swim? It’ s great cardio exercise that is easy on the joints, but if you don’t like getting your hair wet, it’ s not for you. Do you like to dance and move to music? Check out the Body & Soul classes that are offered all around the U.S. Not only will you get a fun cardio workout there, but you will get a strength and flexibility workout too, all in the same class setting, while listening to great contemporary Christian music. If dancing is not your thing, then I suggest walking. You can do it indoors or outdoors and the only equipment you need is a good pair of shoes. You can even do it with a friend for accountability and fellowship. Start with just a few minutes and build up, but don’ t forget to balance it with a strength and flexibility workout. Use the First Place strength training video at home, or join a gym. Choose something that works in your life!

This year, I wish you health as you work to balance your life in every area. Yes, it’ s a balancing act, but the Lord will be your firm foundation as you walk the high wire of life!

Jeannie Blocher