Feel Stuck?

Feel Stuck?

I was interested in the Restore retreat but deterred by the price.  Two weeks before the event I felt the Lord wanted me to attend. The enemy knew he was about to lose ground and he used my fears, insecurities, lies, and excuses to try to stop me.   He tried to tell me:

  • ·       I couldn’t afford it.
  • ·       I’d be the only one like me there.
  • ·       It wasn’t going to work.
  • ·       You don’t know what will happen

I pressed my way through my thoughts, reservations, and fears.  I was stuck and I wanted to be free. I did not know what was going to take place at this event but I knew God had freedom for me there.

I was welcomed with a warm smile and prayer. As I met others, I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling awkward. The first night each speaker’s words touched on the broken areas of our lives.  God’s freedom stirred in our hearts.

The recording we played over and over and over again in our minds was being broken. We heard a new sound, a new song, a new voice, and a new word (the Truth).   I believe our words are powerful and we have a tendency to speak failure and death to the success God wants for our life.

We still felt uncomfortable, but it was necessary.  Some of us wanted to leave, some wanted to control the situation, some were excited about the possibility of being free, and some seemed not to take the weekend seriously. As truth was spoken over us, to us, and about us, our perspectives changed and the lies faded.

Morning worship softened the ground of our hearts so the bad seeds could be dug up and God’s seeds could be planted.  Each session seemed more powerful than the prior session.  Restore solidified in me that God is really with me and I am a gift.

During my one-on-one prayer time I realized, I was a gift to mother, to father, to the world.  A gift He gave.  Not every gift is received, appreciated, wanted, treated well, yet we are a gift.  Now, I tell people they are gift to the world. A gift with purpose. A gift given for a reason. A gift of great joy straight from God.  From His hands to the mother (parents) and given to the world.

Wow, I am a gift, not just something that happened.  My parents wanted me and that is lovely, but ultimately God gave me to the world to fulfill a purpose.  Created on purpose not an accident, no matter how we were conceived.

Many times we look for fulfillment and a feeling of being full so we use the acceptable drug of choice, food.  When I saw a glimpse, a picture, a hope of what and why I was created, food could not fill me or provide fulfillment (my reason for being here).

All my issues were not addressed, but the ones that caused me to be stuck were gone.  I’m able to move on in Jesus, in life, not just existing but moving towards fulfillment in God only.  Have I used food to feel better since then? Yes.  Yet I am aware and I stop and ask, “Father what is the real issue? Why am I looking to food? What am I not dealing with?” Then, I sense His response. I turn to food less. I’m aware and equipped to confront the issue and move on.  I’m no longer stuck.

If you feel stuck in your mind, emotions, relationships, or experience the leading inside of you to attend a restore conference, do it.  Allow the Lord to breathe new life into you.  Do not let a new situation, the cost, or the place intimidate you.

Believe Isaiah 43:19, God can make a way in the wilderness. God wants YOU free.

Written by a past attendee to our Restore: An Emotional Health and Wellness Weekend.Limited space available in our Kansas City, KS retreat.

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