Fit Cardio Into Your Routine

Fit Cardio Into Your Routine


  1. Be a stair master: But consider taking them one at a time, not two. Researchers found that while the rate of caloric expenditure is higher when taking two at a time, the burn over an entire flight is more when taking one at a time.
  2. Stand up: Think of your ring tone as an alarm to get up out of the chair. Throw in a few stretches before sitting back down.
  3. Hydrate often: Getting lots of H2O means more trips to the bathroom (Drinking water might also help ramp up metabolism.) Pick a bathroom on a different floor, and visit it often.


  1. Stuck in the airport because of a delayed flight? Don’t just sit there.Do terminal laps — but skip the moving sidewalks!
  2. Bike or walk to work. In addition to adding stress, commuting via public transportation or car can rack up sitting time and lead to weight gain


  1. They have to get done, so why not make them into a workout? Vacuuming can burn about 75 calories per half-hour, while washing the car uses more than double that amount.
  2. While running errands, park in the shadiest spot, not the closest, to log more steps and keep the car cool.
  3. Take a lap (or three!) -Browsing the perimeter of a grocery store can do more than just promote healthy food choices. Take a couple of laps to compare prices and rack up some steps! Pushing a cart around the grocery store uses 105 to 155 calories in a half-hour.


  1. Plan an active date: Challenge your date to a game of tennis. In addition to burning 210 to 311 calories in 30 minutes, tennis may improve bone health, reduce risk for cardiovascular disease, and lower body fat.
  2. Game night: So-called “exergames” — Plan active games that will expend energy: Musical Chairs, Scavenger Hunts, or Hide and Seek. They are better than parking on the couch, energy burn can vary quite a bit depending on the game.

Exercise doesn’t have to be done at the gym, on a track, or even in workout clothes. Little bits of exercise throughout the day can add up — just get creative! Pair some of these sneaky cardio boosters with unexpected strength training to vary the routine and meet the weekly recommendations for exercise.

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