Fitness for the Feet

Fitness for the Feet

If you were going to spend money on new fitness wear this spring, what would you buy? What do you think is the most important thing to buy when you are going to make fitness a part of your everyday life? May I suggest that it be a “good pair of fitness shoes!”

Our feet form our base of support for everything from standing to running. Anyone who has ever sprained an ankle or broken a toe knows how a foot injury affects your whole life. Imbalances in the foot can cause everything from shin splints to hip problems.  Because the “foot bone is connected to the leg bone” etc.., everything works together in God’s amazing plan of how he created the human body.

So how do you take care of our feet when you want to be an active person? The first thing is to get good supportive shoes, and this is no small task. Because feet are very individually made by God (just like snowflakes), there is no one brand that will work for everyone. You need to get out to the store and try them on. Take your own socks and try on various pairs with a plan to walk, jog and jump around a little bit when you have the shoes on your feet, so you can feel them in action.

Most shoe store employees have some knowledge of individual brands, but some stores seem to be better than others. It’s okay to go for the discount stores where the employees mostly just check you out; however, I recommend trying on shoes at athletic gear stores first.  You can talk to people who are more ‘in the know’ and then look for a place with a deal on those shoes.

Don’t let price be the leading reason for buying a pair of shoes. You may just find yourself buying another pair way too soon. And forget shoe size—it is not about the size, it is about the fit.  Size seems to vary from shoe company to shoe company, so the question is—does it feel comfortable? If it does, you will wear it!

One additional consideration:  If you wear orthotics prescribed by your doctor or if you buy gel inserts for your shoes, take them with you, as well as the type of socks you wear for fitness, and be sure that you are buying shoes that are the right size with these things added. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is worth it.  When you slip those shoes on to get ready for your workout, you want to say, “Ahh!”, not “Ow!”

Jeannie Blocher

President, Body & Soul Fitness<–>