Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Do you remember when you first sensed the prompting to lead a First Place for Health group? I ignored the promptings and convinced myself:

“The Lord can’t use me.”

“I’m not qualified.”

“I’ve failed at achieving a healthy weight my entire life.”

I prayed for someone else to bring First Place to my church.  The “someone else” never materialized.

Refusing to act on the prompts and nudges had its consequences. The longer I refused to listen, the less I sensed God during my devotion time. I went from having a wonderful, spirit-filled quiet time to complete silence.

I entered what some refer to as a dry spell on my spiritual journey. I felt alone. I searched for devotions to rekindle my passion. One day, a question from my devotion asked:

“What is God asking you to do today that you are not willing to do?”

For the first time in well over a year, I sensed that God wanted me to start a First Place for Health group. It felt as if lightning bolts came down from heaven and shot through my heart as I sat in my chair. I was finally ready to say “yes” and surrender my obesity problem to the Lord.

Too afraid that I would back out, I immediately emailed my pastors, and to my surprise, they thought it was a great idea.   The pace was almost too fast.  Before the doubts could creep in, I ordered the Leader’s Kit and asked friends and family to pray for me.

After a few delays (mostly me dragging my feet), we held our first information meeting. I had prayed and asked God to send at least three people; He sent 23. I am forever grateful the Lord never gave up on prompting me to begin.

We, as leaders, are often thanked for leading a FP4H group.  Members often share how they have prayed for a Christ-centered health plan.  As leaders, our willingness to follow the leader (our Lord) serves as answered prayers for others.

In support of our leaders, we are glad to share the following improvements to our workflows and website:

  • We’ve added a product note with the My Place Leader’s Kit‘s purchase, suggesting they begin by viewing the Leader Essential Video included with their video downloads.
  • All leaders are invited to our monthly Leader Meet-Up on Zoom with a separate breakout session for new leaders.
  • Our Leader Resources website and YouTube Channel include updated Leader videos:
    • The My Place Leader Kit
    • The Successful FP4H Meeting
    • Getting the most from the FP4H Website
    • Using the Leader Resources available for each Bible study

A big “Thank You” to all our FP4H leaders for saying “Yes” to all God has planned.  You are following His lead.  You make and are making an eternal difference in the lives of many.


Helen Baratta Director of Development for First Place for Health (FP4H). She facilitates the Level 3 Membership Level. She is the author of My Place for Leadership, included in the My Place Leader’s Kit and Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way available at our online bookstore. Helen encourages everyone to embrace change and say “Yes” to all God has planned.

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