Four-Sided Person

Soon after coming into First Place 4 Health, we begin to realize that our eating is not the only part of our life that is out of control. We soon discover that we are people who lack balance and harmony in many other areas of our life, too.

As you study the crossed bars with the diamond at the center in the illustration of the four-sided person above, consider each area with regard to your current situation. Begin by asking yourself the most important question, “Is Jesus at the center of my life—is He both my Savior and my Lord?” Realize that you cannot achieve balance in the other areas until you have placed yourself completely under the Lordship of Christ, and doing so needs to be your first priority.

Next, turn your attention to the four bars that represent your heart, soul, mind and strength. How much balance do you currently have in each of those aspects of your life? What area of your life needs attention today? Do you see a pattern emerging between the balance and harmony you are experiencing and the degree to which you have surrendered your life to Christ? Remember, no matter how strong you may be in one area, you are only as strong as your weakest point!

No matter how lopsided, or empty, your chart looks right now, do not despair. You will find help to address the areas of your life that need attention in First Place 4 Health. As you (1) apply yourself to the First Place 4 Health program, (2) begin to study God’s Word, (3) interact with the others in your group, and (4) follow a prudent plan of eating and exercise, you will be simultaneously working to bring health and wholeness to all four areas of your being.

What Makes First Place 4 Health Unique?

  • Christ-centered Priorities

    Bible study, prayer and Scripture memory

  • Choices for Health

    Addressing the whole person — emotions, mind, body and spirit

  • Community

    Support and accountability through small groups