FP4H after several years


I have recently returned to FP4H after several years. Even though I am not following the study the way it says (due to health and emotional reasons) I am getting a lot out of the Bible Studies God has seen fit for us to study. I am also getting some great insight and information from my sisters in God.

Last night was testimony to that. I had a bad day yesterday emotionally, but despite that I was able to make wise decisions for about 75 percent of the day. Usually that would have been unwise decisions for 90 percent. I kept hearing God’s voice telling me to get up in the middle of the night and journal about my emotions or I would end up using my food to console myself instead. Phillipians 1:6 came to mind before I even got out of bed. It is: Being confident of this, that he has started good things in us will follow them to completion until the day of Jesus Christ. This may be paraphrased a little. It automatically made me think of the progress I have made and the tools I had at had – journal and bible study. I couldn’t keep my eyes open by the end of the journal writing to do the bible study.

Thank you God for giving me the bible verse of the week and allowing me to really hear it!!