Freedom From Food Obsession

In the past, food was my primary strategy to cope with life. Each time I ran to food, I strengthened its connection to my emotions and weakened my ability to break free. In order to reverse the damaging connection, I needed to address the situations in my life and the source of my obsessions.

First, I stopped numbing myself with food. I embraced the Live It food tracker and committed to write it down. In 2010, when I reached my healthy weight goal, I’d lost 116 pounds and thought I understood my eating habits. A deeper look at my tracker revealed I still obsessed about food and needed freedom.

Second, I recognized food was still my go to for comfort. I retreated to the pantry and gazed at the shelves searching for a soothing treat. Instead of asking God for help, I chose food. Convicted when watching the Emotions and Eating DVD, I admitted to myself that I idolized food, I was an emotional eater, and food remained a stronghold.

Third, I needed to uncover the truths about my poor eating habits if I wanted to maintain my healthy weight. The road to freedom opened up when I dug deeper using the “Mapping Your Emotional History with Food” found in the Member Guide. Mapping forced me to think about what happened in the past and how my past was tied to food.

It’s vital that we remember as much as possible about our past and bring it into the light, so we can understand and resolve our unhealthy responses (John 3:21). One of the untruths we believe about our dysfunctional relationship with food is something terrible is going to occur if we remember and reflect on the pain. On the contrary, with God’s truth we can resolve the continued pain when we identify the root, seek to forgive, and recognize the stronghold it has played in our life.

I’ve returned to emotional mapping many times since 2010 and uncover new truths each time. When I am relaxing and enjoying down time, I need healthy snacks to graze on. When dining out, I no longer believe I’m entitled to whatever I want. I request healthy options when eating out. When I’m tired, I need to go to bed, not the pantry. When crisis strikes, I need to reach for God’s word, not the bag of chips.

Finally, staying free requires focus on God’s word. Each day I prepare for battle, reading and praying God’s word. Paul, in Ephesians 6:17-18, identified the offensive weapon, the sword of the Spirit, as the word of God. When I pray through God’s word, I believe He desires my deliverance and everyone else’s from our strongholds. New courage and strength overflowed as each stronghold dissolved from their tight grip on my thoughts. I honored God with my healthy choices and moved from weak and obsessed to steady and free.

Have you invited God to reveal your history with food? Be restored! Embrace weight loss God’s way.

Helen Baratta is an author, speaker, coach, group leader, triathlete and nationally certified fitness instructor. She serves as Director of Development for First Place 4 Health. Her new book Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way is available in the First Place 4 Health online store.