Freedom to Play


Do you remember as a child going out to play? From the time we awoke in the morning until we went to bed at night, all of our plans for the entire day revolved around having fun at play. We didn’t have to think about what time we could play or if we could work it into our schedule. As a child, everything was fun and play.

Ask yourself this question: At what point in your life did you graduate from the concept of play and having fun? Adults in America have lost the concept of having a good time and going out to play. I see children every day who do not know how to play. Children know how to watch television, play computer games, and some organized sports, but if I put them in a gym and say, “play,” most children do not have the imagination to entertain themselves anymore without some object. Why? The adults in their lives have lost the concept of play and going out for family fun, or a family activity that doesn’t cost money.

Workouts and exercise time can also become a time of play. As Christians in America, we can begin each morning knowing it is going to be a fun day. God wants His children to have a good time each day they live. Rejoice and be glad in the days on this earth.

Think back to some of the activities that you enjoyed as a child and begin to play with your family this summer.

Remember as a child riding your bicycle everywhere. Bikes come in all shapes and sizes with large comfortable seats and safe bike routes and trails for families to enjoy. a fun activity for all ages. Get your kids out and go for a family bike ride.

Skating is a great exercise for your hips and legs, and it is fun to boot. Inline skating or roller blading can also be fun.

Go to the park; get in a swing and swing high! I was in a swing last week, swinging way up high, and was very surprised at how much I used my abdominal muscles. I was actually a bit sore the next day. Playgrounds are not a spectator sport for adults. Go swing and climb with your children.

Go outside and throw a Frisbee with your children. You will be surprised how many muscles in your arms you use to throw the Frisbee. Get a ball and glove and play a game of catch with your kids.

Find a walking trail and go for a hike with your family. Each hiker can take a backpack with a picnic lunch to stop along the way and have a picnic.

We pray, “Lord, bring a revival and let it begin in me.” It is time to start a “play revival.” We need to be free to play. Show your children and grandchildren that you are a fun person who can play and have a good time with them in this life the Lord has given you. We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing. Lord, start a play revival in our family and let it begin with me.”

Beverly Henson

Certified Personal Trainer

Beverly Henson is a conference and rally speaker for the First Place ministry. She is also a Bible teacher and certified personal trainer. Beverly joined First Place in July 1997 and has lost 147-1/2 pounds. First Place has given Beverly a powerful testimony. She is a First Place leader and Bible teacher at Northcrest Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi. Beverly has a genuine love of proclaiming the word of God to His people.