Fresh Breeze or Threatening Storms


Change is sometimes welcomed and at other times is very troubling.
There are times that we long for something new. The old routines of life can get rather monotonous and tedious. They cause us to lose interest and search for fresh experiences or relationships. This can be a sign of desiring to grow.

There are times we long for something familiar. The constant barrage of change can be exhausting and unsettling. The onslaught of the unexpected can cause us to feel off balance, threatened and fearful. This can be a sign of desiring stability.

Most of us find that a rhythm of stability and change can be a wonderful balance in life. Unfortunately, we do not have complete control on the ebb and flow of life experiences. What we need is to find our “ sails and anchors.” Sails are those attitudes that help us catch fresh breezes that will move us forward. Anchors are those attitudes that will help keep us from dangerous places.

Fresh Breeze

…they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent, rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.

Acts 2:1b-2 NAS

The followers of Christ were discouraged, afraid and uncertain. They seemed to be stranded by overwhelming and confusing circumstances. There was a need for something fresh and overpowering to move them from behind closed doors to moving with power. God breaks into our lives in ways that move us in positive places to do positive things. They were with others who looked to God and found power in a “ together” place.

Life Lesson – We are likely to find the power of God when we surround ourselves with others who desperately seek Him. A powerful element of First Place is that it builds relationships with others who are on the journey of faith. Good things happen when we seek fresh things in “ together” places.

Strong Anchor

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast… 
Hebrews 6:19 NAS

What a great thought…an anchor of the soul. There are so many uncertain things in life: relationships, health, jobs etc. In many ways we can have influence on the tangible things that impact our lives. Making good decisions and building storm disciplines can help steady us when storms come. But there is a center of strength that the physical cannot shake. It is the spirit of faith. All that we can see can be taken, but the unseen things that last forever cannot be touched.

Life Lesson
 – In times of trouble we often need a rock that cannot be moved. When we focus on this center of faith, we gain a perspective of what is merely important compared to that which is essential. It is resting in the essential that we can let go of that which will pass away. The disciplines of the First Place program can build a steady place to increase strength for challenging times.

Winds will come and they could blow us into dangerous places. By the grace of God and fellowship of His people, we can hold fast in the storm, or even “ trim our sails,” to let the winds power us to new places of a life of faith adventure.

Happy sailing…enjoy the ride.

Dr. Bill Heston

Bill Heston works on the staff of First Presbyterian Church of Houston