Fries with That?


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could drive up to an order box at a Body Shop and a nice voice would say, “Could I take your order, please,” to which we reply, “I would like to be 50 pounds lighter with a flat tummy and an order of small thighs.” The voice would then say, “ For a dollar more you can super downsize your order, and without hesitation we reply, “Yes.” The voice then gives us the total price of our order and tells us to drive to the pickup window. As we drive to the window and pay our money, our body is dramatically changed into the perfect body we have always wanted. That would be nice; however, in reality there are no “drive-thru breakthroughs.”

Biblical principles of sowing and reaping a harvest apply to weight loss and becoming healthy, and there is no way to rush the process. It takes time and effort to reap a harvest

As a Personal Trainer, in the first assessment of fitness with a client I establish the client’s ROM (Range of Movement) in a specific joint. On the first visit the Range of Movement is somewhat limited due to long periods of lack of movement. After several sessions of moving, I begin to see marked improvement. By sowing movement seeds, the harvest we reap is an increase in the Range of Movement.

The harvest reaped by an increase in the Range of Movement in our bodies will improve the quality of life in all areas. Below is the Top ten list of the bountiful harvest of sowing seeds of moving in our life. “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

  1. Weight loss
  2. Increased energy level
  3. Increased circulation
  4. Increased cardio vascular endurance
  5. Increased social interaction
  6. Emotionally – appreciation for a new “Can Do” attitude
  7. Spiritually – a body that feels like the Temple of the Holy Spirit and a worthy vessel of worship
  8. A new “I” sight – seeing yourself as God sees you
  9. A change in your relationship with the Lord and with others
  10. Experience a sense of well-being throughout a normal day of activity

Don’t get caught with the Tin Man syndrome. He was found holding his oilcan. Move while you can. Increase your Range of Movement daily. This harvest is obtainable. Move just a bit more today than you did yesterday. Then, before you know it you will be able to move with less effort each day. Remember the 10 lepers in the Bible? Acts 17:14 says, “…as they went, they were healed.” If you want to be set free from the chains that bind you, increase your Range of Movement. Then you can truly say that “… as you went, you were healed.”


Beverly Henson
Certified Personal Trainer

Beverly Henson is a conference and rally speaker for the First Place ministry. She is also a Bible teacher and certified personal trainer. Beverly joined First Place in July 1997 and has lost 147-1/2 pounds. First Place has given Beverly a powerful testimony. She is a First Place leader and Bible teacher at Northcrest Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi. Beverly has a genuine love of proclaiming the word of God to His people.