Get Out of My Way

Get Out of My Way

Something new happened to my husband Vince. I didn’t recognize the man I’ve known for forty plus years. When we registered for the 2021 My Place to Race, we chose the 120-mile challenge because Vince wanted to ride his bike. I knew 120-miles was a tough challenge for me. I would have preferred the 80 or 40-mile challenge.

To meet the 120-mile challenge, I needed to log 20 miles per week. I already swam twice per week for an hour at a time, so that was 6 miles of the 20 (20 minutes = 1 mile). I figured if I rode my bike at least once per week, I could get 10 or 12 miles. I needed 2-4 additional miles to get to my 20.

Vince on the other hand, swims once a week. His favorite activity in on his bike. It is the perfect activity for him. It’s quiet. He doesn’t need to worry about anyone else (except me when I’m following him at a slower pace). We do have the advantage of living on the Big Island. The main Queen K highway has extra-large shoulders for the cycling portion of the annual Iron Man.

At the beginning of the race, Vince seemed like my normal husband. He was logging his miles, asking me how to convert his swims, the strength training we do, and the walks. For us, biking and walking is the mileage. Strength training and swimming we do by time (20 minutes = 1 mile).

Along the way, Vince upped his bike riding distance and frequency. On days when he is riding on his own, the mileage steadily increased. At the beginning he was logging 12 miles at a time. By the last week of the challenge, he was riding at least 20 miles. Each time he returned from the ride announcing his mileage.

The competitive bug bit Vince. As the race proceeded, three leaders emerged in the 120-mile race category, Dominic from Massachusetts, Kathleen from California, and my husband from Hawaii. The three traded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the last 20 days of the race. On the last day of the race, Vince logged 55 miles on his bike. He wanted to win.

In the end, Dominic logged four more miles than Vince for the first-place win with 647.53 miles. Kathleen from California 637.5 miles for the third-place win. Vince logged 643.87.

Bravo to all that joined in on the race. The 232 racers in 2021 My Place to Race logged 26,873 miles. That is a little more than the distance it would take to travel around the earth.

The 40-Day Fitness Challenge for 2022 is about to begin. Vince and I are ready for the race. Join us. My Place to Race. The 40-day Fitness Change runs March 14 – April 22, 2022.

Helen Baratta is Director of Development for First Place for Health. In 2006, obese and unable to walk without pain, Helen surrendered to the Lord, and He transformed her life. She shed and now maintains a 100-pound weight loss. Helen is author of the book Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way.

  1. Love this story.

  2. The Big Island is one of my favorite places to ride, especially around the North part of the island. But the Queen K Hwy sure can get hot! Thanks for your story.

  3. Well done Vince!!