Wess Stafford, the former CEO and President of Compassion International, said, “The opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of poverty is generosity.” When we freely give to those around us, we are truly rich. When we freely give and expect nothing in return, we are truly rich. When we freely give, and it costs us something, we are truly rich.

Giving generously does not mean you have to impact your bank account (even though that is a key way to be generous.) The most expensive commodity we have is our time. Time cannot be saved. Time is limited, and we won’t have more hours in the day when the kids get out of the house, or we retire. We are all given 10,080 hours a week.

What are you going to do with your weekly allotment this December? Will you be selfish and keep it all for yourself? Will you be stingy and just give a bit to those whom you love? Will you write a check instead of going for a face to face visit? Or will you be generous and freely give your time?

Some of you (I hope) are saying, “Becky, that’s great…I want to be generous with my time, but how do I do that?” I am so glad you asked! Here are 19 ways to be generous this Advent season.

1. Turn your phone off at 6 pm and be present with your family.
2. Add a handwritten note in each Christmas card rather than just the family newsletter.
3. Invite neighbors over for Christmas cookies and coffee.
4. Spend an afternoon with your children/grandchildren baking and decorating cookies.
5. Send your pastor and his family a handwritten letter thanking them for how they have served you and your family this year, be specific.
6. Go to your church and ask if there is a shut-in who would like a visit and then go and visit later.
7. Plan a movie night with your family (be sure to implement #1 above).
8. Video chat with an out of town friend or relative.
9. Make rather than purchase gifts for Christmas.
10. Turn all the lights off except the Christmas tree lights and enjoy a hot beverage while watching the lights (be sure to implement #1 above).
11. Bake holiday treats and deliver them to the closest fire station or police station.
12. Read the Christmas story before opening any gifts Christmas morning.
13. Compliment a stranger in a specific way.
14. Write an online review on your favorite podcast or book.
15. Call a mentor and tell her the biggest lesson you learned from her.
16. Clean out your closet and donate clothing to a local charity.
17. Jot a note on your bill to your restaurant server, telling them what they did really well. (Be sure to implement #1 above while at the restaurant.)
18. Call a friend you know is having a difficult time and pray for them over the phone. It is even better if you get her voicemail!
19. Ask someone, “How was your day – really?” And be present as they answer.

Pick one a day for the next 19 days, and I can guarantee you that your Christmas will be brighter for you and all those around you!

Becky Turner
Becky is a popular FP4H speaker and currently serves as the National Managing Partner for the Barnabas Group. She uses her unique giftings and skills to fulfill her passion for discipleship and stewardship by serving the national network of TBG leaders and members who are impacting Kingdom advancing ministries.

How to Support First Place for Health

I know many of you love this ministry and it has changed your life. This ministry matters and we would love to see it continue to grow and prosper for the Lord’s glory. Thank you for prayerfully considering First Place 4 Health in your year-end giving plans.

It is easy to make a tax-deductible donation on our website here:  Donate Here.   If the Lord leads, we would love for you to partner with us in the coming year by making a one-time donation or a monthly gift of any amount.  We have a few friends who have faithfully supported our ministry each month, but we need more of you to join them.

The second way you can support the ministry is by praying daily for the ministry. America is not getting healthier. In fact, current statistics show that over one-third of our adult population is obese. We are dying from obesity-related diseases every day. This can be stopped and you can help. We are committed to reaching the whole person through First Place for Health. We are not just dealing with overeating, we are dealing with emotionally and spiritually bankrupt lives. Jesus is the center of our program and we know He is the answer. You can see for yourself testimonies of those whose lives have been changed forever at

We are praising God for you and looking forward to a bright future for the ministry and for each of you.  Thank you for your gifts and for your prayers – faith makes all the difference!