Great Ideas for Staying Fit

Great Ideas for Staying Fit

• I have not been able to teach my live Body & Soul classes, but I have been using On Demand with B&S. The first week is free! Use the code FP4H01, and First Place will receive support.

• Dianna says she is doing one set of exercises as she cleans her house. As she is putting the pots and pans away in the bottom drawers of her kitchen, she does ten squats.

• Leslie is doing ten lunges in the morning on her right leg as she brushes her teeth and the same for the left leg as she brushes her teeth again that night.

• Debbie says she does her exercises every day at the same time. If you schedule it, it will get done!

• Pam finds workouts on YouTube and actually does them instead of just watching – ha!

• Joanne is breaking out her old Wii Fit.

• Michelle is walking her dog, whether he needs it or not.

• Janet is setting up virtual workout buddies.

• Joy is in a country where there is no leaving your house. She walks around her apartment, studying a new language.

• Lou is using her punching bag and fighting her way to fitness.

• I’m using this time to train for a specific event – my knee replacement! Squats, lunges, push-ups, and lots of stretching are how I am using this time to ready myself for my second knee replacement.

What are you doing to stay fit? Leave a reply below. Let’s encourage each other through new ideas we can incorporate in our own schedule.

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  1. I’ve dug up several workout DVDs, including body and soul strength and flexibility. I rotate the videos to keep it interesting. I am able to go to the park and walk also. A couple times a week I’ll meet with a friend and we walk in a “socially distant” manner. Being in the sun really helps me not feel so cooped up when I get back home.