Hannah Deurloo

Hannah Deurloo enjoys honoring God through gardening and teaching her four girls the joys of being in nature. Writing is a natural overflow of her passion for God and family because when you love so much you must tell others.
Gardening and canning is a legacy that Hannah received from her mother and grandmother. It’s something they did to make sure the family had enough, and it was all out of love. Little did Hannah’s mom and granny know the health benefits, food awareness, and stability they were teaching with a simple jar of jam.
Hannah is determined to continue her family’s legacy of homesteading and to pass it on to her children and anyone else who will listen. But it was not always her goal. Hannah had a big corporate career once and God firmly brought her home again to have a family and be the women He knew she could be. God has taught Hannah the joy of homemaking and the “business” of it time and time again. Part of this home making business is the ability to provide through homesteading well.
Since then, Hannah has created an Instagram account to share her food preservation adventures at NevertheLessShePreserved. She has used her Business Entrepreneurship degree from Davenport University to form a platform and her Early Childhood Education degree to harness learning for her kids and others.
Connect with Hannah across major platforms by going to QuestType.com.

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