Has God Moved Your Cheese?

Has God Moved Your Cheese?

In Spencer Johnson’s book Who Moved My Cheese? four characters: two mice “Sniff” and “Scurry,” and two humans “Hem” and “Haw.” live in a maze. They return day after day to the same location consuming their delicious cheese. One day, they are at a loss when someone moved their cheese.

Every FP4H session seems a new opportunity to hunt down a new location of sustenance for my soul. I am successful when I willingly embrace whatever changes the Lord has planned. Do you need help with the changes planned for your life? Are you ready to do something new? My honest response most often is No.

I want the transformation without the disruption to my routine. When I am stuck in a rut, everything slows. I need to intentionally “move my cheese.” Here are three areas in which you can stop hemming and hawing, and kick start your wellness journey.

  • Get moving– I try to burn 10-30% of my calories with physical activity. In a 1500 calorie day, 150-450 calories are going towards exercise. I love swimming and biking as they are easier on my knees, which seem to have new aches every day. Even so I, love prayer walking in my neighborhood as the sun sets. What can you do to get moving?
  • Strengthen the Core– Our core extends far beyond our abs and are used in almost every movement of the human body. Strong cores help prevent injury. Last month, I was sprinting through an airport trying to reach my connecting flight. I tripped and landed spread eagle on the floor. After a few awkward moments, I stood up and continued my race to the gate. Even though I missed my flight, I praised the Lord I didn’t need medical attention. What can you do to strengthen you core?
  • Mix up your Menu– Eating different foods at different times of the day forces my body to pay attention. Yet variety requires me to plan and purchase different foods. One of my most successful group members plans her meals the night before, penciling in her meals onto her tracker. She no longer wakes up worrying about what healthy food she will eat. She’s lost over 100 pounds and this month celebrates one year at goal. What can you do to mix up your menu?

Our four friends Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw finally discovered a new source of cheese. One of the lessons they learned is to always stay vigilant and prepare for the inevitable. My inevitable is the ease I revert to my unhealthy habits. I’ve quit many other programs when I struggled, failed or frankly didn’t want to eat healthy. Thankfully the Lord never quits on us. We all need help. The community, truth and accountability of FP4H makes all the difference as we embrace change and say Yes to all God has planned.

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Helen Baratta is an author, speaker, coach, group leader, triathlete and nationally certified fitness instructor. She serves as Director of Development for First Place 4 Health. Check out her book Restored! Embracing Weight Loss God’s Way available in our online bookstore.


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