Healthy Holiday Challenge Toolkit

Maintaining healthy habits during the holidays can seem like an overwhelming task. Many times, all of our good habits we have worked so hard to develop are thrown out the window as soon as November arrives! Planning ahead for holiday challenges is the key to surviving the holidays with those healthy habits intact. These tools will help you experience a healthier holiday season.
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Weekly Challenge Newsletter

Read the Healthy Holiday 40-Day Challenge newsletter each week for tips and strategies to help you keep you moving forward during the hectic holiday season. Applying the truths to your life: Heart, Mind, Soul and Body. Incorporate the Daily Prayers and Tips into your everyday habits. You choose your level of participation.

Weekly Challenge Scripture Verse

Scripture memory is an important part of a Christ centered life. Dwell on the Scripture.  Listen to the verse to music.

Track Your Progress

Keep track of your Healthy Habits during the 40-Day Challenge to measure your progress through the holidays. This is for personal use only, it will not be collected or shared.
Remain Active

Remain Active

Don’t mistake being busy for being active. You still need to exercise each day. Break it up into smaller sessions throughout the day if you’re pressed for time.

Live It Tracker

Keep a record of your daily nutrition and physical activities as well as your spiritual disciplines. If you use it consistently, research has shown that you will find success faster, as well as maintain that success!

Connect with a Community who understand and accept you, and who will support you in achieving your goals.