Heidi Stepanovitch

Heidi Stepanovitch
I was first introduced to First Place when I heard Roseanne Chee give her testimony at church one day. I was so impacted by it I joined the next session. I wanted to lose 10 pounds so I wouldn’t have to go on blood pressure medication. Each bible study drew me closer and closer to God-my life was changing. When I heard Carole talk about “Give God a Year” I believed to find my brother and God brought us together. I loved the family community of First Place, I went to many retreats and God continued to change my heart. Yet my weight still fluctuated.
In 2020 I felt a deeper calling and wanted to change my mind, my thinking. I recommitted to losing weight and joined a virtual group. Then one day I just cried out in my group that I knew God could do anything but why did I feel like such a failure. I began to read leadership books and in everything my mind kept coming back to the words and things I had learned at First Place. God was changing me inside out. I began to have hope for me. I began to dream again and I started to see the weight coming off. I was believing it could happen for me and as I saw the weight loss happen. I began to wonder what else could God do in my life.

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