Here to Help

Here to Help

He chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. Ephesians 1:4

All of us love to be chosen. As children, we loved to be chosen to be the classroom monitor. As teenagers, we longed to be chosen for the lead part in a play or for a spot on the cheerleading team. As young adults, we dream of being chosen to attend the college of our choice or to be someone’s future husband or wife.

Do we really believe that God chose us, before the creation of the world—and that He chose us to live in the mess some of us find ourselves in today? If we know Jesus personally, we can be assured that He is quite aware of our circumstances. He is the only One who can help us live holy and blameless lives when life presents constant difficulties.

What do you need today? Love for a rebellious teenager? Peace about whether God has a mate for you? Hope for your troubled marriage? Self-control in regard to your weight or money? Comfort to face a debilitating illness? Patience at work? Kindness to your family members?

Jesus, the One who chose us before the creation of the world, is also the One who can fix the messes in our lives. Whatever we need, Jesus is always the answer. He is the fixer of broken dreams and lives, because we belong to Him.

If we want to find the way through and out of our troubles, we can—if we relinquish control of our situations to Him.

Jesus, my life is difficult in so many areas. Some of the mess is because of choices I have made and some of it is by Your design so that I might grow in Your love and grace. Today I want to take my hands off my mess because You chose me for greatness.

Journal: List every difficulty in your life. Beside each one, write “Jesus wants to fix this mess.”