Hey, Look At Me!


Each Wednesday morning my Pre-Kindergarten class takes an hour swim in our nice and warm indoor swimming pool. These youngsters love swimming day. They delight in the fact that they could not stand up in the pool last year, but have grown so much they can now stand and walk around in the shallow end of our pool.

They are constantly screaming with excitement, “Ms. Beverly, Look at me!”

They smile when I tell them they are doing a good job and how proud I am of them. All of my students will ask me to look at them at least five times each during that hour swim.

I am only the lifeguard while they are in the pool, and recently, I thought I would turn the tables on them. I said, “Hey, Look at me,” then just stood there with my whistle in hand. They looked at me with a puzzled look. Finally, one little boy said to me, “Ms Beverly, You aren’t doing anything.” I began to ask myself at what point in our lives do we stop saying, “Hey, Look at me!”

In Matthew 18:4, the Lord Jesus tells us that we should humble ourselves as a little child. I watched my children in the pool and they were proud of the progress they had made. They recognized they were doing better in the water than they did this time last year, and wanted their teacher to look at them. To them it was a big deal. They had only taken baby steps, but a child is very proud of the baby steps. To a child any progress is a big deal. They do not make a difference between little steps and big steps.

As adults on a quest for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, determined to fulfill our goals in First Place, especially to exercise, we can learn a lesson from my children taking baby steps. We begin exercise expecting to complete a marathon on the first day. Realizing it is impossible, we become discouraged and quit. Zechariah 4:10 says, “For who hath despised the day of small things?”

I received a call the other night from a lady who weighed over 300 pounds. Her question was how far she should walk. I asked her how far she could walk. She said she may be able to walk a few blocks. I told her then to walk a few blocks. She seemed surprised that I didn’t tell her to walk a mile or two miles. The next day she called and told me that she did it! She walked not two blocks, but three blocks. I felt as though she was saying to me, “Hey look at me!” She was so proud of the three blocks she walked. I told her to walk those three blocks faithfully until she felt she could walk four blocks. Move more this week than you did last week. If you are faithful and consistent with the baby steps, they will eventually add up to a mile, and then two miles, etc. Do the very best you can do, even if it is only a baby step. Don’t look at exercise with dread and disdain. Keep it simple and move more today than you did yesterday. Stand when you can. Start out with baby steps that you can accomplish. Perfect the baby steps, and then move on. Be proud of your accomplishments. Take a retrospective look at your progress. My children recognized they were doing better this year than last year.

Be proud of your progress and say “Hey, Lord, Look at me!” I am moving! I am moving more today than yesterday. Our Father is proud of His children and delights when one of them says, “Hey, Father, look at me!” When you get the revelation that you are making forward progress, stop right where you are, build an altar and say, “Hey, Father, Look at me.”


Beverly Henson
Certified Personal Trainer

Archived article from the FP4H newsletter.