Holiday Tips for Staying on Track

Holiday Tips for Staying on Track

People who are most successful at preventing holiday food blowouts use a variety of strategies.  Here are a few that work for them:


Be discriminating.  Don’t eat everything willy-nilly — go for foods that are specific to the holidays and worth the indulgence. For example, say yes to a dish that you can only get one time a year, or one that nobody but your grandmother makes and is really special.


Scope out the scene. Give the buffet a once-over before digging in.  Set your sights on a few things that you’d really, really like to have.


Watch your portions.  A big amount isn’t going to taste better than a small amount.  In fact, eating too much and not feeling good afterward defeats the purpose.


Stay active.  Keeping up physical activity is important, as well and not just because it burns calories. When you’re exercising, you’re making time for yourself.  Exercise keeps your energy level up.  When you’re tired, you’re less able to resist temptation.