Hope 4 You conference

Hope 4 You conference

Thanks for traveling to SD for the Hope 4 You conference. It was a great way to end my first year of FP4H. I’ve lost 25# and gained a deeper relationship with Christ. I look forward to the next year and a similar weight loss.

I loved getting to know the staff, and Carole nailed my personality type. It’s also a great reminder from Vicki that “Love is the greatest motivator”–find your motivation to get active and improve your health while you can.

I’ve been Christian forever and thought I’d made good progress in serving Christ. It was a real slap in the face when I started FP4H and find out I wasn’t managing my life his way.

I anxiously await the changes in store for the next year. I know my sacrifice has been in tiny steps, but I delight in the hope that this change will be sustainable.

Everyone should take a road trip to a Hope 4 You conference!!!