If the Shoe Fits…

Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, I have given unto you…
Joshua 1:3

Let’s take a walk and claim your Promised Land. Good health and a sense of well-being is part of your inheritance and your claim to abundant life through the blood of Jesus Christ. Our Father deeply cares about every part of your life, right down to the very soles of your feet. Walking in YOUR Promised Land requires the correct equipment to aid in making your possession a positive experience. The shoe matters.

After I became a Personal Trainer, I became aware that most people don’t have a clue what shoes to buy for their workout.

Good shoes are a vital part to success in your workout program. You get what you pay for. Shoes will wear out and break down if worn regularly, so they need to be replaced every 500 miles or every 6 months, which ever comes first. Take care of your shoes. I wear my walking shoes only when I walk and not to work or play, which makes them special and my walk special.

Let’s look at the different types and styles of shoes available to meet your needs. When you enter the athletic department of a shoe store, or shop on line you will notice many catories for workout shoes. Most of the time we buy our shoes according to whether they look good and feel good. We buy according to a popular brand or fashionable color, or if some famous athlete has endorsed the shoe. Not all shoes are made for your foot and you have to find the shoe that works for you. For example, I love the way a certain fashion shoe looks but my foot doesn’t like the way it feels and I am going for comfort and performance, not looks.

Running Shoes – A running shoe will shift the weight more toward the ball of the foot to get the runner up on their toes for speed and optimal muscle performance. When I weighed almost 300 pounds, I did not need, nor did I want my weight to be on the balls of my foot. The weight distribution will bring pain to the feet and the legs of a heavy person. Running shoes will keep you on your toes. If you aren’t a runner, look for another shoe. Be sure you ask if the shoe you are buying is a running shoe. It is important to ask many questions about the shoes you are about to purchase to go in and possess your land!

Cross Trainers – I like cross trainers. I especially like the New Balance
608 Cross Trainer. This is a good shoe for heavy people. The weight distribution is good. It keeps the foot in a good position for all activities. TIP: Try both shoes on, tie them and walk around the store for about 5 minutes before you buy any shoe. I’ll put in a plug here for a brand I really like to use in my workout, SKECHERS. This company has gone to great lengths to abandon the original image of way out footwear and cater to the real athlete. They are great shoes, inexpensive, and good support for the foot. The only drawback with this shoe is that they run down or break down a little quicker, but other than that Skecher makes a great shoe. They also look great and come in a variety of colors.

Walking Shoes – All walking shoes are different and good for walking as they keep the weight distributed more toward the heel. Try them out before buying them. Go for a walking shoe that gives an equal weight distribution, such as Rockport or Easy Spirit.

Hiking shoes and boots – Timberlands, Technica, Rockport, Montrails, Merrills are excellent walking shoes. I highly recommend them. The hiking shoes are designed to carry 50 to 85 lbs. of extra weight in backpacks etc., so for a heavy person this would be a great choice. Hikers offer excellent support and most are treated with Gore Tex that will keep your feet dry. Hiking shoes are my personal favorite in which to do my workout. They will last much longer before they run down and you will get much more foot time for your money.

Socks – You want socks that don’t wrinkle in your shoes or slip down on the heel. Thorlos are excellent socks and my sock of choice. They are treated with DuPont Cool Max and will keep your feet from sweating so much and burning. DeFeet socks are very good socks for summer. I really don’t think I can recommend them for winter since they are a little thin.

Treat your feet kindly and put good shoes on them. Cheap shoes don’t last and they will not be kind to your feet. A good shoe will give you an optimal workout, get the most out of your body, and get a better calorie burn. Take care of your shoes and take care of your feet.

If the shoe fits, wear it…but which one? I can’t tell you that. Sum up your needs and go by how the shoe feels on your foot. Get good shoes for your workout and you will feel like you have had victory for your feet. The soles of your feet will be happy feet as you go in and possess your land.

“The Thrill of victory and the agony of de Feet.”

Beverly Henson
Certified Personal Trainer

Beverly Henson is a conference and rally speaker for the First Place ministry. She is also a Bible teacher and certified personal trainer. Beverly joined First Place in July 1997 and has lost 147-1/2 pounds. First Place has given Beverly a powerful testimony. She is a First Place leader and Bible teacher at Northcrest Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi. Beverly has a genuine love of proclaiming the word of God to His people.