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Dear friends,

Like you, we’ve been watching the current events surrounding COVID-19. We love our FP4H community and want everybody to be safe, but connected. One of the most important parts of our FP4H classes is that support and connection with our friends in our class. As our movements become more restricted and we become more isolated, we wanted to offer a few ideas for leaders and members to keep that contact and support going. We need it more than ever!

SET UP A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR YOUR CLASS.  Use it to share your encouragement, exercise tips, recipes, lesson plans, etc.

HAVE YOUR CLASS MEET ONLINE USING ZOOM (  Zoom allows you to see each other as you meet each week. You can create a schedule that mirrors your regular class days and times. Keeping to that regular routine will ease minds, plus make it easier to come back to live classes when you start back up. Zoom allows the use of its basic service at no charge for meetings up to 40 minutes at a time. Since most groups meet for 75 minutes, a group can either shorten their meeting time, or sign out after 40 minutes and sign back in. They offer free web-based training videos to help you get started:


CHECK ON EACH OTHER. Many times, a simple “how are you doing?” text, phone call or email can speak volumes.

MAKE EVERY DAY A FIRST PLACE DAY.  Drink lots of water, eat healthy, find exercise videos online that you can do at home and get good rest. And, of course, spend time in prayer and Bible study. All things we know to do, but are more important than ever now.

Stay safe! We love you guys!

Vicki, Lisa & Helen

First Place for Health


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    We are meeting on Zoom & it is working out great. Several of us meet and walk but we do stay 6 feet apart, we have a beautiful Arboretum and right now the trees and bushes are just beautiful.

    Thank you guys for all you do. Will miss you in KY in July but there is always next year.
    Plan on seeing you all Wellness Week!

    Love you guys,
    Judy Reis

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