I would like to introduce you to the new face of FIRST PLACE FOR HEALTH.Take a long look and process what you see. Give it a little time to grow on you. I did! We prayed long and hard about a new name and we concluded that nothing says it better than Matthew 6:33 Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.First Place is the proper place for Jesus Christ in our lives. This is a fresh and unique symbol using the numerical 1 connected with the letter “P” to reference the name First Place. We chose the color green because it is fresh and a sign of growth and purity.

The full symbol forms the shape of a digital map toggle pointing to a location. We are on a journey and YOU determine the specific destination! This is a great way to reinforce the name and the idea of a journey toward our health goals in body, soul, mind and spirit. The color green and the journey toggle are another way of saying in First Place For Health we are always growing and going! The image conveys a sense of movement – and we never stop, never quit pressing on toward the goal to win the prize – the prize of Jesus Christ Himself.

You may notice that we replaced the number 4 with the word For. We will continue to be a whole person wellness ministry. We know that Jesus said we must love the Lord our God with our entire being—body, soul, mind and spirit. The four-sided person is biblical and will always be foundational and included in our materials. The word Forgives us a clean new look.

I must say it took me a little time to become friends with the new logo, but I see so much depth, potential and relevance to our journey. I hope you are as excited as I am. Be on the lookout for our new logo on lots of new swag in this issue before the big launch next month.  We will debut all the new products in October and you will love them.  The authors of each one will write their own articles about their part in the all new FIRST PLACE FOR HEALTH.  You made it happen. You provided the inspiration, information and resources to make these tools available.

The best is yet to come!

Vicki Heath………………………..………