Jackie LaPouble

Jackie LaPouble

I heard about First Place 4 Health by accident, but not in God’s mind. After walking with the Lord for 30 years, I had never been in the state of mind I was in that day – I was depressed!   I’m usually very joyful, full of faith and expectancy, but not now! I was taking antibiotics and all sorts of Rx’s, but my body was not responding.

The doctor ordered a blood test, which came back with news of diabetes. I needed to be on a strict diet and medicine for diabetes. My weight was at an all time high – 258 lbs. and I’m only 5′ 2-1/2″ tall.  Between my weight, this ongoing sickness, and now diabetes, my prayers seemed to be hitting a brick wall.

While sitting at my computer, a friend sent an email saying I was on her mind and in her prayers. I wrote her back and admitted that for the first time in my entire life, I felt hopeless.  “I need a divine intervention and soon,” I wrote. I hit “send” and the phone rang.

It was my daughter, Tara, calling to see if I would babysit for her on Friday mornings for 12 weeks while she went to a class. I asked what kind of class she was taking?  She said FP4H, a Christian weight loss program. I started to tear up thinking, divine intervention has come. I paid for babysitting and joined the class with her.  The day we walked through the doors for the meeting, the leader handed me the book, “Renewing Hope.”  I broke into tears.  God knew—He was very aware of my hopelessness and was waiting for the day I would begin to walk in the purpose He had for me. I attended a few sessions of FP4H and was one of the biggest losers.  I decided, after coaxing from my leader, to start a class in my area. The first class met in my home, then the doors opened to meet at a church, where we had several sessions, and now my home church has taken our group as one of its ministries.

I’ve always been overweight, tried every diet and “quick-fix” imaginable, only to ride the roller-coaster of lose and gain over and over again.  Now, th

rough FP4H, I am coming into a balanced lifestyle, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  God is setting me free!

Note ~ Jackie’s class recently had a party to celebrate her 100# weight loss milestone. Here is an excerpt from a letter Jackie wrote when she celebrated her 100# weight loss milestone:

What have I left behind–diabetes, high blood pressure, an emotionally & mentally-shipwrecked individual, a vicious and defeating attempt to accomplish this in my own strength and now, 100 lbs!  Praise the Lord! What do I strain towards?  A 25-30 more lb.- loss, and a steady, secure, balanced life full of destiny & purpose, with unconflicted integrity in every part of my being: like Jesus, “My Rock”! I am so excited, at all HE can do, when we yield to His wooing to “come unto Him” so we can run this race together! We are so much “Better Together,” with Him and with one another!

He is First Place for ALL the areas of my life! So with my hand safely held by His, I press on, to the end; and as our home team, The New Orleans Saints say; I’m “bringing the wood” (which means: to finish with the same tenacity with which you began) and I will “Finish Strong!”