January 2003

January 2003

The first Wisconsin leader meeting was held at Bethel Baptist Church in Green Bay, WI on Thursday, December 12th. Six women attended, representing four churches. In an informal setting, introductions and a time of sharing allowed these leaders the opportunity to lay the groundwork for future meetings. The group praised God for the chance to come together to support and encourage one another.

Pictured from left to right: Char Nowakowski, Laura Holly, Jenn Krogh,Eleanor Van Gent, Bonnie Freriks, Carol Northrup.


Hi Carole,

We had our Victory celebration last night in Deloraine, Manitoba. We have ten in our group that lost 22 pounds. Everyone has said they are coming to the alumni group so we are happy for that.

We are starting another group after Christmas and hope to have 10 in that group. We are very pleased with what has been done in our lives. Our group had nine ladies and one man. We hope to get more men involved as time goes on. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

Jane Blyth
Deloraine, Manitoba


Hi there, my name is Andy Calvin and I joined First Place in July 2002. I have since lost 33 pounds and plan on continuing to go further. I have found it a great challenge to put God completely first in my life but I am trying and learning. I have a great leader and about 14 other members to encourage me.

I just wanted to let you know that I think the First Place program is the best. I also look forward to receiving the e-newsletter each month. My group has lost a total of over 300 pounds since July and I hope that in another few months it will be 300 more. From my fellow members, and me, GOD BLESS YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Andy Calvin and the First Place Group
Silex Assembly of God
Silex, Missouri