Jeanne Deveau

Jeanne Deveau

One of the best benefits has been the near-disappearance of my diabetes symptoms and having the doctor and nurses ask how I did it!

I started toying with the idea of doing something about my weight in May 2006, after I got stuck in the ticket turnstile at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. I don’t know who was more humiliated, my daughter or myself!  I began to have negative thoughts, spiritual doubts about my salvation and even about the truth of God’s Word. Then during work camp project, I became too sick to finish the week from a combination of heat, exhaustion, obesity and diabetes that had become unmanageable.

This really scared me. My mother and grandmother both died of complications from diabetes, and I was particularly scared of going down that same road.  I had one of those “groanings that cannot be uttered” moments with God, and I begged Him to help me know what to do to fix my life.

The next morning, Karen, the wife of one of our church elders, called and said she had picked up a First Place 4 Health Leader Kit at a Christian conference. She wanted me to help her get the program started at our church. It only took a few minutes of reading through some of the values and Scriptures to know that God was answering my prayer for help in my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical areas.

A few days later, Karen asked if I’d be interested in attending the FP4H Leadership Summit meeting in Houston, TX . During the trip, I was repeatedly convicted that God had directed this path for me.  The unexpected surprise was the warmth and support of the FP4H members we met in Houston. By joining this program, I unknowingly inherited a nationwide family of godly men and women.  I had very little confidence until Carole looked me right in the eyes and said with such passion, “God equips who He calls!”  I had no choice but to believe her, and I never questioned it again.

I remember how excited I was to make it one mile around the local track after struggling to walk to the mailbox. I have since worked up to four miles. My original goal was to lose 50 pounds in one year, but it took one year and a week. The extra week is significant, because I believe God wanted me to remember that this was on His timetable, not mine.

I have lost 68 pounds altogether and maintained it for over three years. I can now buckle my own shoes and keep up with my two-year-old grandson.  I can also run and play with the pre-schoolers at my job as a teacher aide

One of the best benefits has been the near-disappearance of my diabetes symptoms and having the doctor and nurses ask how I did it! I love talking about FP4H and to point out that God cares about all of our concerns, even our weight. My blood sugar levels have been consistently normal, and that is also my best indication of how well I am following my new lifestyle.

I am most thankful to see the transformation that has come over me in the area of quiet time. As for my negative attitude, God continues helping me every day to see the positive side of things. I cannot find one thing to criticize about FP4H. It is rewarding to realize all the people it has reached in our church and community.

I am currently taking a correspondence course in nutrition through Ashworth College and have an interest in helping families develop better lifestyle habits in order to improve the childhood obesity statistics in our country.  I know it is the strong Christ-centered element that will help us all find balance in our lives, regaining our health and becoming the people God created us to be.