Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer Roberts

The benefits I have gained by allowing the Lord to transform my life through First Place 4 Health have been incredible. As the scriptures have come alive through our study,  I’ve realized I am worthy of better health and weight loss. Because I  learned I can do this difficult task with His help, I lost 39 pounds in our first session!

Changing physically has had its ups and downs. In the beginning I battled with not seeing fast results (as if it would happen overnight), but  after weeks the little changes started to happen. My clothes fit better,  I started to have more energy, and my self-esteem went up.

Food has always been my “go-to” for everything: bouts of depression and anxiety, boredom, loneliness, change, and stress! Food was my FIRST resort, and prayer was somewhere later when that failed to work, which was always LAST.

Now I feel like a weight has been lifted from me, and not just that 39 pounds!  God has guided me through our Bible study to see more than what I was reading. He has opened my eyes to see more of His heart and His good desires for me. I feel like I have a purpose and that I can be a support for others as well.

Now I know that God was just waiting for me to trust him! With the help of the Bible studies and the support of my group, I know my success will continue and I will reach my goal!

Jennifer Roberts, Clarksville, Arkansas