Jo Ann Walker

Jo Ann Walker

I began First Place in the early 1990s to break my addiction to sugar. During the first session the Lord began the work of breaking the sugar stronghold. In addition, I started the journey of overcoming the battle that I faced with low self-esteem. The bible study helped me see how valuable I was to Christ Jesus! After couple of sessions, I was able to share my testimony with others on how the Lord helped me overcome the battle with my sugar roller coaster eating habits, and how I grew in my relationship in leaps and bounds with the Lord Jesus. The bible study, food plan, learning how to calculate various food groups all were life changing for me. The knowledge that I gained and the grace and strength through the Lord helped me overcome my strongholds with my unhealthy relationship with food and sugar.

Life does take us down other roads that we do not plan, that is exactly what happened to me. With a spouse and three children, my parents began having serious health issues. I was also working a very hectic full-time job. I couldn’t seem to find time for First Place. It took several years before I woke up and realized that I needed to return to a First Place Class. I had gained so much weight and I just felt miserable about myself and felt so out of balance in all areas of life.

While doing the Bible study “Beyond Free.” I felt such a freedom and release during that session and knew that the Lord wanted me to lead a FP4H class. The verse Matthew 6:33 has been the verse I meditate on to bring all things into balance in my life. I have experienced an overall weight loss of forty-eight pounds. I reached my ultimate goal last session. However, went on and lost additional weight since that session.

All of the weight loss was a bonus. The growth in my walk and relationship with the Lord has been the most valuable part of the process. I love getting up in the morning to see what the Lord has a waiting for me in His word. It like Christmas morning every day! The Lord has a banquet table of treasures waiting for me every morning. I can’t wait to dive into prayer and the word to see what spiritual food will be available to fill my soul. I have the opportunity through my weight loss to witness for Jesus to people. When they see that I have lost weight they want to know what’s going on? I see it as an Open Doorway – to Glorify Jesus and share my testimony with others. They want to hear how did you do it? I am able to share it was through a faith-based wellness program and all to the glory to Jesus!

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