Joan Biancardi

I have gained and lost weight since delivering my third son in 1995. By not making time for healthy habits and personal time with God on a daily basis, I chose food for stress relief and comfort. I worked nights as a nurse and was involved with raising three small children. I tried to lose weight through expensive programs with no success.

I went to First Place 4 Health in 2009, to see if it might be the program that would finally work for me. Doing the program “to a T”, I lost 55 pounds in seven months with the help of Becky, the leader, and the support of the other ladies in the class. I then went on to lead my own FP4H classes until 2013. Due to deaths in my family and other family issues, I gained 55+ pounds by not relying on God and by again using food for comfort.

In September 2014, I looked for nearby FP4H classes unsuccessfully, so I attended a FP4H Training and Wellness Rally with Marilyn and Helen in East Lansing, Michigan. They helped me to see that I needed to lead FP4H classes again. I returned home, started leading a FP4H group and returned to my healthy weight.  In following FP4H, you put God first, lead a balanced life, and learn how valuable you are to God—not based by the number on a scale or a clothing size.

Joan Biancardi

Joan is a registered nurse working at Women, Infants and Children. Her team works to help parents and caregivers of infants and children with nutritional needs.   Joan’s goal is to help change the statistic of people getting to and staying at a healthy weight.  Joan, originally from New York, lives in Indiana with her husband.  They are blessed with three children.  She is also the First Place 4 Health Networking Leader for Indiana and Ohio.