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Your First Place for Health group will be a haven of support and encouragement as you move forward together.
This circle of supportive friends will hold you accountable. Grace will be extended when you don’t choose well, and encouragement will be given to get you back on track when you slip back into old patterns of behavior. Within your group, you will experience the unconditional support of those walking beside you on this journey to health and wholeness.
Their love and encouragement will help you make lasting changes for total health and glorify Christ in all aspects of your life.
MP Member Kit Basic

What do I need as a group member?

Bible Study – Our Bible studies help ignite the radical, transformative change in your life through the power of Christ. Through daily study and prayer, we are committed to helping you pursue wellness by looking to Christ as your ultimate sustainer, keeping His Word at the core of your identity. You will learn how to overcome temptation and find true freedom putting your trust in God. Embracing change from the inside out begins with Christ! The leader chooses the Bible study.
Your Member’s Kit includes resources for nutrition, fitness, the basics about First Place for Health, and discovery of the triggers behind unhealthy habits.   Members continue to use their Member Kit, only needing a new Bible study for each subsequent session.

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