Just Tell Me What To Eat

Just Tell Me What To Eat

“Just tell me what to eat.” Have you ever said that? “Just give me a list and tell me what to do.” Or maybe you’ve thought about how nice it would be if someone would make a delicious, healthy meal and set it in front of you every time it was time to eat. Well, there’s a place where they do that. At Wellness Week in Round Top! Every year we make delicious meals that are filling and healthy. We have a breakfast bar that is available all day—full of wonderful things for breakfast and snacks—the things you know you should keep available in your own home, but don’t seem to have the time. There are fruits, yogurt, cereals, peanut butter, whole-grain breads, boiled eggs, flavored teas, coffee and fruit-infused water available all day long. It makes eating healthy so easy, but also enjoyable. During the week, in her afternoon session, you can learn some easy ways to cook healthy meals from our staff Chef, Lisa Lewis, author of Healthy Happy Cooking. She’s available all week to answer your questions about cooking. When you leave, she will give you all the recipes from the week to take home with you. You can take your favorites and make them for your family—don’t tell them it’s good for them; they won’t know because the recipes are so declicious! We’ll have meat loaf and pizza and all the things you think you’re not supposed to eat in a healthy food plan. You can! You’ll have an amazing dessert at lunch and dinner and be surprised at the end of the week that you ate so well and still lost weight.

This is just one part of the amazing week at Round Top, Texas. You need this! You deserve this! Ask your family to give it to you for Christmas. Have a garage sale and use the funds towards your registration. Whatever it takes!

See you there!

For more information about Wellness Week, go to http://bit.ly/2nExRmu or write to Lisa at lisa.lewis@fp4h.com.