Kathy Hickey

Kathy Hickey

Update to my story —

I “accidentally” got into my recent online First Place for Health group! I went to the First Place for Health Wellness Week in Round Top, Texas, last October because I needed a place to retreat while I wrote a book to pass on to my children. To be polite, I attended my assigned small group (shout out to Vicki’s Heath’s small group).

I was floored when people in the group began talking about their online classes. I didn’t even know there WERE online groups! They encouraged me to enroll, and ten weeks ago, I did.

Studying the Beyond Free Bible study in Gladys Stefany’s Zoom group has meant the world to me! I can’t imagine how I would have coped staying home all the time without the structure and encouragement of First Place for Health. I’ve always eaten compulsively during times of stress or grief, but I’m proof that even a 70-year-old woman can make changes and find freedom!

My “before” photo was taken at my daughter’s wedding a year ago because it’s the most recent photo I have showing more than my head since I have always hidden behind people for pictures!

I took the “after” picture in the mirror today before my Week 10 zoom class. I’m happy that I lost 15 pounds in this session, and I’m looking forward to more!

This could be your story. Find a virtual group that fits your schedule – https://www.firstplaceforhealth.com/online-groups-open/

Kathy Hickey

My history with FP4H started back in 2014, I felt defeated and prayed for God to lead me towards some accountability. I’m grateful for the ability to utilize FP4H online resources to continue on my journey!

About four years ago, the converging circumstances of my son-in-law’s brain cancer, my sister’s Alzheimer’s and my own chronic back pain sent me on a downward spiral. I quit caring about my health and I gained 40 pounds over those four years.

A miserable trip to Universal Studios last summer with my daughter and granddaughter gave me the wake-up call I needed. It was excruciatingly painful walking around the park, because my small frame couldn’t bear so much extra weight. The second day I had to stay back at the hotel while they went off without me, and that day I decided I HAD to get off those 40 extra pounds.

When I returned home, I started praying about how I could get accountability, and that’s when I remembered First Place 4 Health! I had led a class years earlier in a different church, and I knew it was the perfect solution!

However, I also knew it was a huge commitment, and I wasn’t sure anyone else would take the plunge with me! Thankfully a few dear friends did, and we began our first session the week school started.  I’ve lost 30 pounds now (10 to go!), and my friends, who are my heroes and my inspiration, have also had remarkable weight losses!  We’re all blown away by what God has done!

Also, in a new development, I went to Round Top in October with a crazy vision of starting exercise classes at church to further our group’s success, and perhaps bring in newcomers for our next session. I started bombarding Diane Andrews with questions from the moment we got on the shuttle at the airport, and her classes were the high point of my week! When I returned home, my group caught the vision and encouraged me, and now I lead strength training groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

When so many bad things happened four years ago, I decided that God didn’t do miracles anymore. My life has totally changed since that miserable vacation in June, and I now stand corrected because my friends and I ARE miracles!

Kathy Hickey, Clarksville, Arkansas