Keep It Simple

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.  –Micah 6:8 

God’s will for us is quite simple, but we try to make it really hard. If we honored the three commands in this verse, our lives would be richer and fuller than we could ever imagine. God’s requirements are so different from man’s requirements. Let’s look at each one:

  • To do the next right thing—all the time. If I do this, I’ll be able to accomplish even the things I dislike doing.
  • Love mercy: To treat others with the same mercy I want from God. This means I treat kindly the rude person at the grocery store or the mouthy person at the gas station.
  • Walk humbly with your God: God wants to have a relationship with me. He wants to be my friend. He doesn’t want me to be prideful about our friendship but humbly show others how they can have the same friendship with God. I will become “just one hungry beggar telling another where to find the bread.”

Do the right thing, treat others with kindness, and humbly share my friendship with God. That sounds like a recipe for a beautiful life, doesn’t it?


Dear Lord, You have showed me what is good in Your sight. Help me today to do the next right thing, to treat everyone I meet with mercy and to walk in humility with You.


Write the three phrases from today’s Scripture in your journal, and then jot down some areas in which you might need to improve, asking God to help you fulfill His gentle requirements today.

Carole Lewis, First Place for Health National Director Emeritus

Taken from Living Well, FP4H Devotional Book.  To order, visit our our online store or call 800.727.523, x1002.