Ken Hodgson

Ken Hodgson

In December 2014, I was going to try once again to lose weight. My health wasn’t great—I was overweight with a new high for me at 284 pound. I had high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, little energy, and had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was heading for trouble, as my health deteriorated, and I knew it. I’ve been overweight my entire adult life and the task of getting healthy seemed overwhelming.

I attempted to lose weight several times and was successful on occasion, but never successful at keeping the pounds off. Like so many, when the pounds came back, I ended up heavier than I started. I knew I needed to do something different; so I brought my problem to God for the first time and asked for His help. I thought my weight issue was my problem alone and I shouldn’t be taking the issue to God. I am so glad I reached out to God for His support and guidance.

I received the idea from the Holy Spirit to check online for a Bible-based weight-loss program. I did my search and FP4H was the first program I saw. After reading about the program, I knew it was perfect for me and I was excited about getting started. I had never heard of this ministry and I remember thinking, “It is too good to be true and it probably isn’t going to work out.” On the FP4H website, I selected “Join a Group” and entered my zip code. I remember at the time being skeptical of finding a class nearby. To my amazement, Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA, had a new Monday night class starting in two weeks.  I contacted the leader, Marilyn Bullock, and made arrangements to attend the Orientation. I attended and was graciously invited to join her group.

January 2015 was a bad month for snow, especially on Monday nights. Our first three classes were cancelled. Fortunately, I was able to pick up my books from Marilyn and kept up with the reading. I was in the Bible every day. In just that short time, my spirit was renewed and I grew closer to Jesus.

At the end of January, I had my thyroid removed. I had complete peace regarding the situation—I had no fear and was able to turn it over to God. My surgeon remarked a couple of times about my calmness and was amazed at my recovery. I remember eating that night and having nothing more than a sore throat for one day. My subsequent check-ups have all been fine and I pray asking God to continue to guard my health. If I hadn’t started the program, I don’t believe I would have had God’s Peace to the degree I did.

I continued with the program and followed it to a “T”. I was all in! I memorized my verses, exercised, tracked my food and did my daily quiet time. I prayed for my classmates and Marilyn and once we got by the snowstorms, I believe I had perfect attendance.  So what happened in those 12 weeks? I gained new friends—this group of ladies at Grace Chapel loved me, prayed for me and encouraged me as I did for them. I have a special place in my heart forever for Marilyn being there for me at the perfect time. I imagine if Marilyn wasn’t leading a class, I may have never connected with FP4H.  I memorized a dozen Scripture verses, lost 34 pounds and I received my 100 mile pin. Today I am down 50 pounds. My weight loss was obvious so I was often asked what I was doing. Every time I was asked, it was an opportunity to share my faith. As great as all that was, the best was my relationship with Jesus grew in a big way.

When I look back, I clearly see God’s presence in this entire journey. It was on my heart to take the program back to my church to share this wonderful ministry. As of this writing I just concluded leading my fifth session.  I am looking to our next classes in June 2016, where we will offer three different sessions with three different leaders! My prayer from my first day as a FP4H leader has been for God to use me in a powerful way in this ministry, and that I honor Him in all I do. With the growth of the program at my church and my recent selection as a Networking Leader for Massachusetts, I say in great humbleness that I know God is using me.

I love FP4H. My favorite part of the entire program is the celebration at the end of a session, and I get to hear the awesome testimonies of those in the class. I have witnessed many remarkable transformations! I am so grateful for the opportunity God has given me to be involved in this wonderful ministry!

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