Leaving the Town of Unwell

Leaving the Town of Unwell

First Place for Health is looking pretty good at forty! This summer, FP4H (the insiders shorthand) will be celebrating 40 years of serving, 40 years of helping, 40 years of assisting those who have decided that they “no longer want to stay where they are”.

One of the seminars at this 2-day, virtual event is titled, “I’m Getting Better, Really“.

I self identify as a spiritual entrepreneur hailing from Edisto Island South Carolina. I will be leading this seminar and enabling those interested in transferring their emotional address from the city of ‘Unwell’ to the town of ‘Healthy’.  All of us have Covid stories to tell and some of them are not pretty, not healthy. For many of us, the challenges and toll taken on us has been huge and may in fact not yet be fully known. Our Covid season assessments are showing that we have taken some pretty serous ‘dings’ to our emotional wellbeing. Restaurants and Disney World were not the only things closed down during the past 18 months. Relationships, friendships, support groups, worship gatherings…mostly shut down or interrupted. All this has led to a great migration to the town of Unwell.

So, how do I move from being emotionally unwell to finding healing and strength for this important side of who I am in Christ? How DO you regain your emotional health? ‘I’m Getting Better, Really’ will present some moving tips, for those who are ready to hook up the U-haul and jump start the emotional journey from Unwell to Healthy.

This is just one of the transforming seminar offerings at the First Place 4 Health Summit 2021, check it out. There’s more on developing a lifetime of fitness, staying healthy from a couple’s perspective, discovering God’s plan for your life, boosting your immunity, cooking hacks and recipes and much more. Join us if you, too, no longer want to stay where you are.

Rob Heath

Rob is a certified beach bum who is Husband of one, father of four, grandfather to 10 with various managing responsibilities in the Middle East and active participant At Redeemer Fellowship Of Edisto Island.


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