Live It Every Day!


Are you experiencing a plateau in your weight loss? Do you seem to be “stuck,” still pounds away from your weight goal? That’s exactly where I found myself at the beginning of the summer session. Finally, came the breakthrough, as it usually does, in the still small voice of the Lord.

Making every day count for Christ

Completing my Bible study, the Lord reminded me that Jesus told us to take up our cross daily and follow Him, He meant we were to follow Him wherever He would go—24/7! Every minute counts when you follow Christ. I realized I had not been making every day count for Christ as I followed the Live It. I was not “living the Live It” every single day! I had one day that did not count…Friday. Friday night is my date night with my husband. The choices I made on my Fridays were not on the Live It and for some reason, I thought it just would not matter. I thought that one or two meals would not make that much difference. What was I thinking! I have made a commitment to Live It every day, every meal, everywhere, all the way!


Another activity that will make every day count and spur me on to my weight goal is something we do everyday…walk. According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control, the most popular exercise for overweight adults is walking. Among the women surveyed, 52.5% said walking was their all-time favorite exercise activity. Walking can add years to your life and it couldn’t be easier to fit into my day. Even 15 minutes of walking activity can aid in weight loss. Walking can burn about as many calories per mile as jogging does, but it delivers only about a quarter of the jolt so its much easier on your joints and muscles. Best of all, walking has the lowest dropout rate of any form of exercise, so you are more likely to stick with it and get all these benefits and more, such as better digestion, improved regularity, lower blood pressure, some fresh air, vitamin D from the sunshine, and maybe even a chat with a new neighbor! Just put on a sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes and go!

Some everyday activities could be to walk to the store for the Sunday paper. My husband and I have now included a “date walk” after dinner on Friday nights. A couple of weeks ago we took a lovely walk along the Cooper River here in Charleston, SC, got caught in a rainstorm and actually ran back to the car! Whew! What an unexpected workout!

Every day is a First Place day
Making every day count for Christ will make a difference not only in weight loss, but in all I do! Every day is a First Place day – even Date Night Fridays!

Live It!

Vicki Heath