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Do you have a success story from your First Place for Health journey? What about an interesting event or challenge you and your members participated in? A leadership tip to share? A suggestion for the newsletter?

A.L.O.H.A. ~ A Life of Hope Awaits

Here’s a picture from our Monday Night Ladies Summer Session Celebration. Our theme was Beach Retreat-A.L.O.H.A. (A Life of Hope Awaits) — Pray and Obey -Give God the Summer! We lost 27 lbs. together and logged 276 miles. We used Carole’s book, Give God a Year, for our 6-week session and everyone loved it.

First Place for Health group do a 10K

Members of the First Place group from Doulas Church in Mandeville, Louisiana participated in the New Orleans Crescent City Classic 10K

Two groups lost a total of 190 lbs.

Ruth Diefenthaler is a new leader in Waupaca, Wisconsin. She has been so faithful and has been obedient to the call to step out in leadership. The Lord has grown this group to two, and is really making an impact in her area. These two groups lost a total of 190 lbs. from May – August. Each person donated their individual amount of weight loss in food products for the area food pantry.

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