Make the Most of Summer

Make the Most of Summer

Can I get an “Amen” for summer—Fresh veggies, kids sleeping late, summer camp, watermelon, Vacation Bible school, long daylight!  It’s the perfect time to ramp up some summer soul care. Here are four things you might want to incorporate this summer:

  • Fast from something.  I remember the summer we fasted from TV for the whole month of June.  My goal was to get them out the door or at least reading something instead of watching something. The way the kids tell it, I paid them $50 to not watch TV. Today it would be giving up some device time to be replaced with some family communication time.
  • Eat fresh.  I came home from church on Sunday and found a big bag of fresh squash on my porch. Tomatoes are not uncommon either. It’s not a bad way to pay your Pastor. Most anywhere you live, summer is the time of the harvest—fresh veggies and fruit are plentiful. No need to eat processed foods. I took the “grand” kids strawberry picking for the first time in their lives. Brody was ecstatic when the farmer told him he could eat all he wanted as he picked. He went at it. We walked away with $75.00 worth of strawberries.
  • Have dinner together.  Hopefully, your schedule is a little more relaxed in the summer. Take time and plan a family meal and eat it together at the table. It is actually a lost tradition in our culture. My son Mark will come by for supper and even if it is just he and me, he wants to have dinner at the table.
  • Do something for the kingdom.  Vacation Bible School, a family mission trip or project is just a few things we can do as a family. Next week is Bible school at my church and my two oldest grandkids are leading the music for the week. My daughter is teaching the four-year-olds.