My Place for Leadership Videos

My Place Begins Here

Vicki Heath, CEO of First Place for Health, shares the paradigm of FP4H — spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness. It’s about more than weight loss. You will transform your thoughts, emotions, the way you fuel your body with food and exercise, and the way you relate to God and others.

My Place for Fitness (Fitness Top 12)

Mary Ward, author of My Place for Fitness, will inspire you to discover your “Why” for fitness and help you develop your own personal fitness strategies. Mary shares how My Place for Fitness will give you the tools and knowledge you need to attain and maintain an active lifestyle throughout your life.

My Place for Nutrition

Charlotte Davis, R.D, L.D., author of My Place for Nutrition, leads us to our goal of creating and sustaining a lifestyle of healthy food choices. Charlotte shares more about the FP4H food plan and how it is balanced, healthy, common sense, and do-able.

My Place for Discovery

Karen Porter, author of My Place for Discovery, helps us discover why we make the health decisions we make and uncover the unconscious behaviors that have led to our health issues. Karen shares how My Place for Discovery will help you uncover the “why” and point you to God’s word for the answer.

Tracking Your Delicious Day

Lisa Lewis, recipe contributor for My Place for Bible Study, shares a typical day of food in a healthy food plan.  From breakfast to dinner, with snacks in between, your delicious day can be full of fresh, whole foods that are fast and easy to prepare.

Leader Essentials

Helen Baratta, author of My Place for Leadership, helps us discover the essentials to leadership.  Whether we are a reluctant leader or ready to jump in full force we must seek God first. Learn the essentials to lead a group that will provide a beacon of hope to all God sends our way.

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