Message from Member Faye Sallee


I have tried every diet available to no avail. When I stepped on the scales at the doctor’s office in December 2003, I about flipped. I weighed 326 pounds, more than I ever weighed in my life. I started watching what I ate, and by the first of January I had lost 14 pounds, but was really struggling. I learned about Basic Training 101, a First Place online group for women who have a100 pounds or more to lose, so I decided to give it a try. I also decided I needed to exercise, which I hate, so I joined Curves for Women. I really thought I could do that and asked a friend of mine to join as well.

I have always eaten when I am stressed and the first session proved to be extremely stressful. My mom’s cancer returned and I went to spend a week with her. I did not do any food planning and just tried to watch what I ate, but did not lose any weight that week. I also did not exercise. Two weeks later, I was back at my mom’s to help her after surgery, only this time I planned.  I went to the store and bought yogurt, cottage cheese, bran and fruit so I would have healthy choices. I also bought Weight Watchers meals for lunch. I planned to exercise at Curves and went 4 of the days I was there. It paid off as I lost two pounds that week.

In addition to this, Curves was running a contest to see who could lose the most pounds and inches combined in the month of March. The winner would receive $100. I started a week late as I had been at my mom’s the first week of March. I couldn’t believe it at the end of the month when I was announced the winner. I had lost 10 pounds and 9.75 inches the month of March. To date I have lost 47 pounds. I still have a long way to go but I believe with God’s help and the encouragement of my First Place online group, I will be victorious. I am learning that it is what I do most of the time that counts and that just because I make poor choices one day, I have not undone all my previous work. I thank God for First Place.

Faye Sallee